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Middle Leader Cafè: The Leadership Ladder: Climbing from Middle to Senior Roles in the Educational Sector: 20 February

Middle Leader Cafè: The Leadership Ladder: Climbing from Middle to Senior Roles in the Educational Sector: 20 February

Please note: This session will take place twice (AM and PM) in order to accomodate those in different timezones.


Please select the applicable link below for the time that best works for you.


This Middle Leader Café session will cover the following topics:


Transition to Senior Leadership: The session will delve into the key differences between middle and senior leadership roles. This includes expanded responsibilities, strategic decision-making, and broader stakeholder engagement.

Developing Essential Skills: Attendees will learn about the crucial skills and competencies needed for senior leadership, such as strategic thinking, advanced leadership abilities, and financial acumen.

Real-Life Success Stories: To inspire and provide practical guidance, we will share real-life examples of individuals who have successfully transitioned from middle to senior roles, discussing both their strategies and challenges faced.

Actionable Tips and Strategies: The presentation will offer actionable tips and tricks for personal and professional development, including how to build a strong personal brand, navigate career challenges, and stay motivated.

Interactive Q&A Session: The session will conclude with an interactive Q&A, allowing attendees to discuss specific points of interest or seek advice on personal career situations.




Times are listed in London time (GMT)

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About the facilitator



Pauline O’Brien, a visionary leader and accomplished professional, boasts a diverse background in both international education and industry recruiting. As the ISS Director of Business Strategy & Development, Global Recruitment, she impacts the sector, particularly in school leadership and teacher recruitment realms.
Prior to this, Pauline excelled in business, recruiting top executives for international companies. Her experience contributed significantly to her strategic acumen, enhancing her ability to identify and attract superior talent to educational institutions.

Her desire to empower school communities led her to join the Council of International Schools (CIS). Hired to drive strategic change in recruitment, her innovative strategies professionalized and streamlined processes, ensuring suitable and qualified educators foster excellence and growth.

Deeply committed to mentorship and advocacy, Pauline invests energy in guiding coaches, igniting passion, and nurturing career aspirations in leaders and teachers.
An influential voice for women in leadership, she champions initiatives breaking barriers and fostering diversity within these settings. Her presence as a speaker at regional conferences significantly advances this vital agenda globally. An advocate for women’s advancement in leadership, Pauline supports the ISS Mary Anne Haas Women’s Symposium and participates in the ECIS Women in Leadership Special Interest Group. She consistently works towards creating opportunities for women to excel and lead in education. Her expertise and insights are recognized in books like “100% Braver” and “Raise Her Up.”

As Chair of the Recruitment, Regulations, and Reporting Committee for the International Task Force for Child Protection (ITFCP), she leads in championing comprehensive safeguarding protocols in schools. Her leadership underscores a commitment to safer environments, ensuring robust measures protect children’s well-being.
Pauline’s passion extends beyond professional commitments. An avid fundraiser for cancer research, she contributes to making a difference for those affected by the disease. She also actively participates in a project preserving the social history of the Docklands in the UK and Ireland. Her leadership in organizing community events fosters engagement and nurtures togetherness, continuing to inspire and impact lives meaningfully.


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• Twitter: @ISSPauline