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ECIS membership Overview

ECIS member community

ECIS exists as a professional life-force for our members, a vibrant network of thoughtful doers and change-makers.Our membership represents 425+ schools at every level of education, and 35,000+ passionate educators and leaders in over 75 countries on six continents.

As an ECIS member you are privy to an abundance of strategy, inspiration, bright ideas and daringly innovative projects that can help shape and enhance your own objectives. By becoming a member you remain at the forefront of trends and big-picture thinking that affect the education sector, and you have quick access to cutting-edge products and services that support education.

School Membership

School membership is open to international schools and internationally-minded schools that wish to promote leading practice in their communities. Our school members range from emerging to mature international schools, including local schools with an international curriculum and/or an international outlook through programme offerings. That includes independent schools and public schools (state, national) with international, intercultural, and/or multilingual programming. There are three levels to choose from. Learn more via the link below.

Higher Education membership

Higher Education membership offers your education faculty meaningful access to and collaboration with classroom practitioners and school leaders in internationally-minded primary and secondary schools around the world. If you offer a teacher preparation programme, your teaching candidates can take our child protection course at a reduced rate. We also offer discounts for universities that would like to exhibit at our events. Learn more via the link below.

Commercial/ Supporting membership

Commercial/ Supporting membership is open to individuals and companies that provide products and services to the international education sector, or who want to develop their offering for this market. Whether you are already working with the international education sector or just starting out, we can support you to develop your business through our network of contacts and range of opportunities for exposure. Learn more via the link below.