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Governance & Risk

Supporting international school leadership

Governance foundations course: Free with ECIS Membership

As we outline in our ECIS Effective Governance quality standards and in our time Governance in International Schools, trustees and governors, in partnership with the head of school, play a critical leadership role in international schools. Effective practices, policies, and behaviours at the governance level comprise an essential part of the foundation of stable and strong international schools, and that holds true whether we are considering not-for-profit or for-profit governing boards.

The Advanced Governance Webinars move the conversation about governance beyond basic training for new governors/trustees. We focus on four areas that are critical to success, but and also have the potential to create significant problems when done poorly. Each is a stand-alone webinar, but we suggest that you view all four as a complete package. The goal is to offer information which will lead to thoughtful conversations in your board room and inform good governance practice in a new way.

Governance short courses

Brief, knowledge-rich courses on holding management accountable; the relationship between the board and the head of school; the board’s role in strategy-making; and current parent board members.

Child protection training for governors and owners

Establishing a successful safeguarding culture in a school results from professional learning that includes everyone who works in or for a school — from teaching staff through school leadership and governing stakeholders. This course meets accreditation and/or inspection requirements to demonstrate that the board of governors (trustees) and owners (if applicable) are cognisant of their role in protecting children.