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DEIJ Programmes & Courses

Links to support aspiring and existing leaders in the work of DEIJ

All bespoke training is tailor-made to fit your needs and available either face-to-face or virtually. If you are interested in learning more, please contact

You can see ALL bespoke training from ECIS via our PDF guide.

Women in education and leadership

Sharing women leaders’ stories to explore allegiance is a way of harnessing our unique strengths and growing our capacity as leaders. This session explores overcoming imposter syndrome and creating and leveraging relationships and personal interactions to develop our organisation. For men and women, the session is designed to expand our collective capacities

Language equity and language justice

Academic development as well as cultural identity are enhanced when students’ home languages are nurtured and used in school. When English is the only language of instruction, whose are the voices we are not representing?

This session unpacks evidence-based strategies and teaching approaches that embrace the active use of diverse languages to increase cognitive connections and shape a culture of inclusion

Designing access for all learners

Educators as designers of inclusive cultures, ideate, build and manage systems and resources to support all students. Using the design cycle, this workshop engages us in applying universal design for all students to access learning: If the system or tool is good for one person’s learning, it is good for everyone’s learning.

Decolonising the curriculum

How can international schools move beyond perpetuating colonial curricula? We will challenge our own thinking about systems of oppression, embracing and exploring uncomfortable questions, learning about the value of diversity and considering what is included and what is omitted in the curricula models we use.

Recruitment and retaining people of colour, LGBTQ+, and faculty

Recruitment systems need to be consistent, inclusive and aligned with the values of the organisation. In this workshop we will identify systems and structures that impact the recruitment process, to create an inclusive and welcoming hiring, transitioning and mentoring process and build sustainability of inclusion through policies and practices

Confronting bias, power and privilege, intersectionality

Creating a culture of allyship creates a safe space to intentionally confront entrenched systems of power and privilege. Within a dialogue of understanding, we will explore how we can move beyond “othering”, the difference between ‘not being racist’ and being ‘anti-racist’ and how we reflect upon the small steps that create change in our systems

Creating a sense of belonging through community

A learning environment that embraces diversity and celebrates inclusion, through the lens of equity and justice, is a community where all stakeholders feel a sense of belonging. This session engages us in planning for how we embrace conflict as a tool for growth, how we plan for transitions in and out of our school community and how we care for all our stakeholders within a climate of psychological safety, empathy and compassion

Building an equitable and inclusive school culture

When DEIJ is the lens through which we do everything, what does DEIJ look like /sound like / feel like? We will focus on intentional steps towards creating a school culture of self-care and community care where stakeholders integrate with the culture rather than being assimilated into it.

We will explore how diversity can promote different perspectives, constructive self-criticism, and cognitive curiosity where everyone is included, respected and safe

Transgender rights and support

Schools have the potential and the responsibility to create safe spaces for young learners to become proud of who they are, within a culture of candour, psychological safety and inclusion.

Explicit guiding statements, expert training for all stakeholders and giving students voice and choice empowers the community to develop allyship and unconditional inclusivity

Leadership Development Cohort

The ECIS DEIJ Leadership Development Cohort is designed for international school educators interested in the opportunity to join a learning community of individuals who seek to deepen their understanding and strengthen their work in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. The cohort experience will allow participants to grow from a multitude of perspectives while being part of a learning community where vulnerability is supported and encouraged.

ECIS Mentoring

Being mentored can be life-changing – everyone can benefit from having the support of a mentor at different stages in their lives and careers. Perhaps you already have some experience of the value of mentoring or of being mentored? Alternatively, this may be new to you.Our new Mentoring platform was launched at our annual Leadership Conference 2021. The theme was Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, and our overarching aim is to provide equal access to opportunities for everyone. We believe our easily accessible mentoring platform is an important step towards achieving this goal. VISIT THE MENTORING PLATFORM