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#ISLECISLoft: Being a Strengthspotter: 13 February

#ISLECISLoft: Being a Strengthspotter: 13 February

ISL & ECIS Loft:
Being a Strengthspotter
13 February 2024
16:00 (U.K.)
Facilitated by Kristin Lowe

When you focus on strengths as a team, you experience loads of benefits both personally and collectively – and your overall impact becomes stronger.  

Making strengths a core part of your team’s everyday interactions is one of the quickest, easiest, and most powerful ways to boost everybody’s energy and wellbeing. Teams who regularly “notice and name” strengths in each other are more engaged and more creative. They also have more role clarity and share work more effectively. 

A strengths focus makes your teamwork stronger through the good times as well as the challenging ones. Learning to view the ups and downs of everyday collaboration through the lens of strengths can have transformational effects on team trust – creating an environment of psychological safety, support, and mutual respect. 

  In this interactive session you’ll:

  • Experience firsthand the benefits of strengthspotting 
  • Develop your strengths vocabulary to spot more strengths 
  • Consider how to avoid potential pitfalls of strengthspotting 



Kristin Lowe
Organizational Development Consultant 

Kristin Lowe is an Organizational Development Consultant and ICF-Accredited Coach Trainer/Mentor. She helps international school leaders strengthen staff wellbeing, engagement, and teamwork through Strengths-based, Solution-focused professional development and Positive Peer Coach Training programs. Kristin is the founder of Solros Development Group and the Positivity Playground, a global Positive Peer Coaching network supporting international and independent schools around the world.