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Educating Experienced Multilinguals: 07 February

Educating Experienced Multilinguals: 07 February

Presenter Beth Skelton, Colorado, USA, will be speaking about educating experienced multilinguals, students who have been learning in an English-medium school for several years and speak other languages at home. She will be introduced by Esther Bettney Heidt, a former resident scholar.

Beth’s recent book “Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals,” co-authored with Tan Huynh, presents an instructional framework that builds on the assets experienced multilinguals bring to their education and creates conditions for them to become successful, independent, life-long learners. As a visiting scholar at Leysin American School, Beth is working with EAL students and teachers to identify additional strategies and challenges for this population of students for future publications.

Host Esther Bettney Heidt is a School Network Researcher with the Multilingual Learning Research Center at the University of Wisconsin.

We will leave at least 30 minutes of the 45 minute time for discussion and questions.