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Multilingual Learning In International Education

Our Mission

The ECIS MLIE committee’s role is to provide a forum where educators can learn about, discuss and reflect on best practice in the field of second language acquisition and home language development.

Our intention is to inspire school communities to nurture the linguistic and cultural identities of their students in order to create successful multilingual, multi-literate global citizens.

Our conference takes place every two years.  Here are some of our recent host cities:

  • London, 2024
  • London, 2019
  • Copenhagen, 2017
  • Monza, 2015
  • Amsterdam, 2014

Learn more about our history by clicking here.

Meet the committee

Susan Stewart

Committee Chair

Mindy McCracken

Committee Member

Alison Mollel

Committee Member

Patience Montgomery

Committee Member

Deborah Perrin

Committee Member