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Early Childhood Special Interest Group

Our Purpose

The early childhood special interest group aims to transform practice through professional learning opportunities that feature leading practice and are evidence-led; a further goal is, where appropriate, to create research and research opportunities around particular problems of practice.

Read our 2022-2023 executive summary.

Our Mission

We, the ECIS EC Special Interest Group, are a group of volunteers with diverse experience in early childhood education. We are committed to empowering EC educators in our international community to develop themselves professionally and positively impact young learners’ lives. We come together throughout the year to discuss and debate hot topics in EC and design our early childhood conferences, webinars and discussion groups. We know that all EC teachers are researchers! Therefore, we plan conferences where EC teachers learn from each other and provide opportunities for our EC community to continue their learning journey by keeping up to date with recent developments and research in our field.

Our Values

  • Advocating for children’s right to play
  • Committing to forging international and supportive professional relationships
  • Promoting learner agency and high-quality learning environments
  • Encouraging innovative educational methods and impactful learning
  • Promoting well-being and mindfulness for educators and children

Meet the committee

Lynsey Briek


John O’Toole

Deput Chair

Beatrice Moccia

Charlotte Rands

Pam Mundy

Fiona Carter

Karen Dolan

Dr Arunabh Singh

Sophia Moros