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Middle Leader Certificate: Inspiring and Sustaining DEIJ Breakthroughs: 13 & 14 February 2025

Middle Leader Certificate: Inspiring and Sustaining DEIJ Breakthroughs: 13 & 14 February 2025

Thursday 13 February (09:00 – 11:00 London Time)

Thursday 13 February (12:00 – 14:00 London Time)

Friday 14 February (09:00 – 11:00 London Time)

Friday 14 February (12:00 – 14:00 London Time)

Presented by Nunana Nyomi, University Advisor and DEIJ Coordinator, Leysin American School in Switzerland

Delivered virtually via Zoom; you will need to attend all 4 virtual sessions in order to gain the certificate of course completion.

In recent years, we have been witnessing a global awakening to a call for a more intentional focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, & justice (DEIJ). In the wake of the outcries for racial justice which reverberated around the world, many institutions indicated an intent to become places where those within their care can thrive with all aspects of their identity celebrated. However, international education continues to face significant challenges in creating lasting systemic change.

Middle Leaders are often at the forefront of observing & experiencing the myriad of inequities that exist, such as the lack of affirmation of certain student identities within the school culture & curriculum, staffing barriers relative to educator backgrounds, & more. How might we equip ourselves & our institutions to break through these challenges? Join this course to explore these themes & co-create actions that lead to breakthroughs which will enable yourself, your institutions, & the international education community to flourish.

Key questions

  • What systemic inequities do our fears protect and how can we interrupt them?
  • How do we support those within our care to experience breakthroughs in order to flourish?
  • How might we break through the systemic barriers to our own growth as middle leaders?
  • What can we do as middle leaders to collectively inspire tangible change towards diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice within the international school ecosystem?