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Middle Leader Café: Having Solution Focused Conversations: 28 March

Middle Leader Café: Having Solution Focused Conversations: 28 March

When we consciously choose to disengage from problem-focused thinking and put more energy into defining what we want instead of the problem, our creativity, confidence, and motivation increase.

In this session, we’ll explore evidence-based strategies for overcoming challenges by focusing more on building solutions rather than analyzing (and amplifying) problems. Solution-focused thinkers actively focus on “what works well” and find ways to acknowledge, identify, and mobilize existing strengths and resources. This creates energy and momentum which helps groups and individuals continue moving toward their desired goals. In this interactive session you’ll… · Explore Solution-Focused lines of inquiry · Discover the 5P Story Listening technique · Practice being a Solution-Focused listener


Kristin Lowe is an Organizational Development Consultant and ICF-Accredited Coach Trainer/Mentor. She helps international school leaders strengthen staff wellbeing, engagement, and teamwork through Strengths-based, Solution-focused professional development and Positive Peer Coach Training programs. Kristin is the founder of Solros Development Group and the Positivity Playground, a global Positive Peer Coaching network supporting international and independent schools around the world.