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ICMEC Child Protection Response Team Member Workshop: 08, 15, & 22 May 2024

ICMEC Child Protection Response Team Member Workshop: 08, 15, & 22 May 2024

ICMEC Level I Child Protection Team Member Workshop

Debbie Downes, Director of Global School Initiatives

International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC)

Supported by NESA

Wednesday 08 May (12:00 – 14:00 London)

Wednesday 15 May (12:00 – 14:00 London)

Wednesday 22 May (12:00 – 14:00 London)


This foundational course enables deep training of school-based child protection (CP) team members, and covers 6 essential synchronous modules:

1) Rights-Based Child Protection

2) Online Safety

3) Policies and Procedures

4) Establishing a Team Approach

5) ITFCP Managing Allegation Protocol

6) First Responder Training


Within these 6 modules, additional topics addressed include definitions and possible indicators of abuse, professional boundaries, creating a school climate of safeguarding, the grooming process, and child-on-child abuse. Case studies are used throughout the course to support schools in strengthening safeguarding procedures. Support and resources for whole staff training are provided through the training-of-trainers approach. The Level I Certificate earned at the end of this training is valid for three years.


Target Audience

This training is recommended for all CP team members. CP teams are comprised of child protection designates and deputies, senior leaders and designated board members, counselors, HR professionals, athletic and activity directors, nurse/medical staff, and staff with special child protection responsibilities including IT, social emotional learning (SEL), trips/service learning, and curriculum areas of vulnerability including early years, special needs/SEN, athletics, music, and performing arts.



Anticipated outcomes include:

● Understanding child protection accreditation standards and foundational beliefs.

● Determining needed policies and stages of implementation.

● Identifying supporting resources, including ITFCP Managing Allegation Protocol, audits, and CP policy samples.

● Working as a team to enhance or create CP policies and procedures.

● Prioritizing supplemental policies.

● Understanding basic victim and offender behaviors.


Prerequisites and Pre-Coursework

There are no prerequisites for the Level I training course. However, once registered, participants will be asked to complete the 4 self-paced, asynchronous training modules that make up ICMEC’s “Intro to Safeguarding” course. After successfully completing all 4 modules, participants will be issued a certificate of completion. Those certificates must be collected by the host organization before the beginning of the live/synchronous Level I workshop to confirm that participants completed the pre-coursework.



$125/person for participants from non-US state department assisted schools
$50/person for participants from US state department assisted schools


Please email if you are a US state department assisted school.