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#ISLECISLoft: AI in Education: 18 Months Later – Learning, Ethics, and Opportunities: 06 March

#ISLECISLoft: AI in Education: 18 Months Later – Learning, Ethics, and Opportunities: 06 March

Join us for an insightful and forward-thinking virtual panel discussion titled “AI in Education: 18 Months Later – Learning, Ethics, and Opportunities”. This event promises to delve into the evolving role of Artificial Intelligence in the educational landscape, reflecting on its advancements, ethical considerations, and the burgeoning opportunities it presents. 

 The panel members, Kelly Paredes, and Ken Shelton, along with John Mikton, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in AI, digital literacy, and educational technology. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise will provide a multifaceted view of how AI has transformed educational paradigms over the past 18 months. 


Panel questions include: 

Learning from Experience: 

  • How have AI and LLMs influenced teaching approaches and student learning outcomes from your respective experiences working with schools and educators over the past 18 months? 
  • What are some notable successes and challenges that educators have had to engage in integrating these tools into both their workflows and into the lessons, units, curriculums? 

Cautions and Ethical Considerations: 

  • In what ways do you feel school leaders and schools can support educators to address the ethical concerns surrounding the use of AI and LLMs in the classroom, particularly in terms of bias, plagiarism, and privacy? 

Supporting the Large School Community, Including Parents: 

  • What have you seen as good practice and what do feel schools can do to support parents in understanding and supporting AI-enhanced learning? 
  • How do you feel schools ensure that the use of AI tools is transparent and inclusive for the entire school community? 

Privacy and Data Protection: Navigating the Complex Landscape: 

  • What are the key considerations for schools in protecting student data while using AI and LLMs? Considering your own work-experience and that each county is different, are there certain musts to consider 
  • How can educators stay informed about data protection laws and regulations that impact the use of these technologies in an international school setting? 

Opportunities and Innovations: 

  • What innovative uses of AI and LLMs in education have you seen recently, and how do you see these potentially reshaping learning and teaching? 
  • What strategies and guidance should schools consider amplifying a culture of innovation and continuous learning among educators and students to fully leverage the opportunities you have been sharing? 

Future Projections and Preparations: 

  • What might be some of the anticipated developments in AI and LLMs we might see, and how do you think schools could prepare for these changes? 



John Mikton currently serves as the Primary Technology for Learning Coordinator at the International School of Geneva – La Châtaigneraie . In addition, a trainer and course designer at the Principal Training Center – Teacher Training Center , and a coach for the Faria Education Group. Co-host of the International Schools Podcast.
29 years of experience as an educator in Education and Media Technology, having worked in international schools across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Out of these years, 20 have been spent in school leadership positions, including roles as an Director of IT, Director of eLearning, Head of Education and Media Technology, and Deputy Principal.

Social Media:
Twitter: @jmikton



Kelly Schuster-Paredes is a distinguished educator and technology integration specialist with over 24 years of experience in both international and USA schools. Her expertise encompasses Python coding, AI literacy, Digital literacy, and Design Technology. Holding a Master’s degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology, as well as a Data Analytics certificate from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Kelly brings a rich blend of academic knowledge and practical skill to her role.

As a co-host of the popular “Teaching Python” podcast, Kelly demonstrates her strong communication skills and ability to engage with a global audience on complex technological subjects. Her podcast work further solidifies her reputation as a leader in the educational community, especially in the areas of Python programming and AI integration.
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Ken Shelton (He/Him/His) is a highly distinguished professional in the field of education, carrying a Master’s degree in Education with a specific focus on Educational Technology and New Media Design and Production. His academic background is complemented by over two decades of hands-on teaching experience, with a significant part of his career devoted to shaping young minds at the Middle School level through the lens of technology.

Ken is an esteemed member of the Educational Technology community, standing tall with accolades from leading global tech entities such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. He holds the esteemed title of an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Google Certified Innovator, and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, signifying his active and influential role in advancing educational technology.

Recognized by the International Society for Technology in Education, Ken was the proud recipient of the Digital Equity Professional Learning Network Excellence Award in 2018 and the Making IT Happen Award in 2022 due to his extraordinary commitment, leadership, courage, and persistence in improving digital learning opportunities for students. His unyielding dedication to enhancing digital learning opportunities for students led him to be acknowledged as an influencer to follow by EdTech Magazine.

Currently, among many things, Ken provides insightful guidance as a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board for several technological firms and non-profit organizations. His responsibilities extend beyond advisory roles to include policy analysis, platform evaluation, and community outreach, alongside aiding in the creation of fair and inclusive recruitment and retention programs. His endeavors aim to build a more equitable, inclusive future in the world of technology and education.

Social Media:
Twitter: @k_shelton