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Fostering creativity and critical thinking in Innovation Lab: 10 April

Fostering creativity and critical thinking in Innovation Lab: 10 April

It is crucial to design effective assessments that measure students’ development of  key skills for the next generation of innovators.

Jeremy Melton is a resident scholar at Leysin American school during school year 2023-2024. Resident scholars pursue questions of their own interest, in their own classrooms, and share what they find with friends and colleagues. His action research focuses on developing assessment practices that measure critical thinking and creativity in students within the makerspace movement. While educators have been working to foster these skills, the assessment of these learning experiences has often been overlooked.

Jeremy has been teaching coding, science, and Innovation Lab (makerspace) at Leysin American School in Switzerland since 2022. He has also taught in the United States, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. Jeremy is currently working on his Ph.D., focusing on systems thinking as well as creative and critical thinking.

Moderator Tom Cosgrove is a math and makerspace teacher and close colleague and friend of Jeremy. He has been working internationally since 2011 and in Switzerland since 2016. He is a member of LAS Educational Research and is always exploring innovative new ideas in education and reaching out to collaborate with other like-minded educators.